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An Imaginary Island

Exhibition / Henry Moore Institute, Leeds 2004-5


The Henry Moore Institute, Leeds 2004-5.

Modern British Sculpture.
Royal Academy Catalogue. 2011

Sculptors Papers. Whitechapel Gallery Archive Centre, 2015

A series of events, actions and a polemical intervention. Conceived in order to create a new 'false' archive within the Henry Moore Institute Archive. The 'Third Campaign'. was made in response to Jacob Epsteins own archive, and in particular in relation to the Strand Sculptures of the BMA Building. Images of the original works, documents pertaining to his own attempts to save these works in two former campaigns in 1908 and 1935 - which he declared as his ''Thirty Year War', which he finally lost when his work was destroyed in 1937, formed the basis of this campaign to restore the works to their former glory.

During this campaign, letters were written to art historians, critics, English Heritage and some of the papers involved in the original campaign. The Royal Academy offered its support, a significant change since it refused to back Expstein in 1935, and which as a result, Henry Moore took extremely dim view as an apprentice of Expstein.

A one person protest - that engaged passers-by to find out more, was conducted by the artist at the site of the now Zimbabwe Embassy. A film of this protest was made over several weeks.

The work was shown as an installation, and now exists as an archive in its own right within the collection of the Henry Moore Institute.

The proposal drawings feature in the catalogue of the exhibition Modern British Sculpture, at the Royal Academy. The Henry Moore Institute Collection.