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Neal White is a UK artist based in Brixton, London. His art practice engages with the ongoing impact that science and technology has in shaping our relationships to one another, the landscapes and the environments / ecology we inhabit, manipulate and imagine. This practice is socially situated, it engages with people, from amateur enthusiasts, to scientists, engineers, activists etc., as well addressing non-human actors, from bias algorithms to the remote sensing of living systems and post-natural organisms. These diverging interests are combined in work extending our perception of the world through fieldwork, digital media and site-specific installations both within and beyond the gallery or museum.

Neal White has exhibited Internationally for over twenty years. Recently this includes;  Venice Biennale (Architecture 2021), Royal College of Art, Henry Moore Institute (London 2016), Objectif Exhibitions (Antwerp 2015) and Portikus Gallery (Frankfurt 2014), amongst many others. He has worked closely with the London based arts agency Arts Catalyst since 2001, and was an artist in residence at Center for Land Use Interpretation (Utah-USA -2008-10). He is co-founder of Soda, the founder and Director of Office of Experiments and is a Professor of Art (Interdisciplinary) at University of Westminster.


Neal White specialised in fine art printmaking whilst studying for his degree in Gwent, South Wales, with much of his work inspired by the social and political turmoil of the miners strikes in the 1980’s. He returned to London, and following an encounter with Mute magazine, turned to digital media, completing an MA in Digital Arts in 1997 (Lansdowne Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University).

Establishing a successful independent professional art practice as with London based art and technology collective SODA (Moderna Museet, Stockholm, BAFTA etc), he left to pursue work as an artist in his own right in 2002. In 2004, supported by a commission from Arts Catalyst, London, he established the Office of Experiments - an artist led organisation developing critical research projects with artists, architects, activists and academics, as well as a range of enthusiasts and independent collaborators.

From 2003, Neal had significant encounters with British artists John Latham and Barbara Steveni (APG,  O+I) that along with a residency at the Center for Land Use Interpretation (USA) has further shaped his interest in temporal and spatial aesthetics, as well as positioning the artist role in society.   

Together with Irish artist Tina O’Connell, their personal and professional partnership has led to numerous public commissions and ongoing projects through a shared fascination with mutable materiality of sculpture, lost artworks and the Irish artistic scene/diaspora.

Since 2016, Neal White has been a Professor in Art (Interdisciplinary) at Westminster School of Arts, University of Westminster, London. Here he runs the Deep Field Project (2019-), a research studio that supports graduate research, pedagogic innovation and artist-led projects. He also leads the acclaimed research centre CREAM, with May Adadol Ingawanij.

In 2017, working with Barbara Steveni (1928-2020) and Tina O’Connell, they helped establish the Incidental Unit, currently based at John Latham’s former home at Flat Time House, London.

Neal White and Barbara Steveni at the first Incidental Meeting, with members of APG and O+I including George Levantis, John and Tatiana, Sarah and Tina, amongst others. Part of 9Events, an exhibition by Tina O’Connell and Neal White at the Royal College of Art, 2016.

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