All that is Data Melts into Air

Data Transpoisitions
Stockholm 2017

All that is Data Melts into Air. 2017
Färgfabriken, Stockholm

Video installation with artefacts, and a guided tour of R1 Experimental Nuclear Reactor space at KTH.

With an accompanying publication 'Deep Architectures of Inquiry' published by Office of Experiments. Design by Arne Sjogren.

Commissioneed by Michael Schwab, Gerhard Erckel and David Pirro, the event was part of Data Transpositions, an event in which a range of International artists and leading thinkers /academics exploring data from perspectives in art and science and technology met to discuss, listen and experience new works. Funded by the Austrian Science Fund.

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All that is Data Melts into Air was part of an ongoing inquiry into data transferred from one context to another - from the scientific into the artistic. Working with Tina O'Connell, our aim was to critically and philosophically explore scientific data and the nature of its temporality, and the situational nature of data's relevance to place in representations of information.

The works explored the situated nature of an epistemic thing when translated under the heading of “artistic research” and dislocated from one discipline to another. 

Whilst shown at Färgfabriken in Stockholm, with other work curated by Daniel Peltz, the focus of this piece is on the subterranean space of R1, a former experimental Nuclear reactor that sits 20 metres beneath the Royal Swedish Institute in Stockholm.

Decommisioned and decontaminated (and bearing the traces of this numeric process across its entire space) it was used to creat elight drawings that trace seismic activity being monitored by the Nuclear Treaty Organisation - CTBTO. The installation and guided event linked the two spaces.

Light drawings were created inside the R1 reactor using seismic data and custom hardware. These were stitched together in to a film that played at Färgfabriken.